Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amira describes sacrifices her family made so her dad, Greg Mortenson, would help people in Central Asia. Could you make such sacrifices? Why or Why n

I do not think I could make such sacrifices. My parents are divorced so I don't see my dad much.  This is hard but if he was in a war ridden place like the middle east I would be much more worried.  Reading in the book about how someone over there could get kidnapped just by not having the right connections in a certain city, and having your family not know would be very hard. His daughter was almost born alone and that must have been traumatic for Tara because she might have to raise a baby all alone.  They also traveled to many poor places with children which although the pictures of Amira banging drums and playing with local friends suggest a good time. There must have been some instance or another wear bringing a baby that high up in mountainous area without doctors would have gotten worrying. Not to mention an exciting but strange childhood traveling from hear to there, learning English must have been a weird quest because most of the time Amira was in places where they don't. So I do not think I could make the sacrifices Amira, Tara and Khyber make daily